BEE Construction and Consultancy Pty Ltd

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We have a vision to be the most outstanding company in the market providing quality service to its clients. In order to achieve this, the company has formed strong partnerships in diversifying its business. Being majority female owned, you can be rest assured that the finer details to your projects will be taken care of.

The aforementioned partnership is aiming at ensuring that our clients can get services under one roof and on the same level of professionalism across all the regions.



To be the most sort after, outstanding company in the market providing quality and trusted services to our clients.



To continually improve our client centricity by providing compelling delivery services through our.

  • Innovative quality and global standard services
  • Establishing joint ventures with other leading companies
  • Enhancing economic activity and CSI initiatives
  • Servicing beyond self.


  • Our endurance and efficiency is our norm
  • Accountability and responsibility
  • Ethics and fairness is a priority
  • Commitment to excel in our services
  • We understand and value our clients and staff as our biggest assets

BEE Construction and Consultancy (Pty) LTD has expanded its trade to place itself in the competitive space of Designing, Manufacturing and Installation of ENGINEERED ROOF TRUSSES as a subsidiary company trading as Abaqulusi Roof Trusses.

The company has also expanded its foot print to have  new offices in KwaZulu Natal. The objective of the KZN Office is to ensure that all our KZN based clients can have local dealings with our highly professional personnel from KZN. 

BEE Construction and Consultancy Pty Ltd is a proudly empowered South African company that provides compelling services to clients through diverse delivery options in Construction, Electrical and Mechanichal Engineering, and BUILT Consultation services.

We pride ourselves in providing the most efficient quality services to the client base that we have established over the years, and guarantee the same to our new clients. We have mastered the art of improving service levels, and living our brand slogan “BETTER SERVICES ”through customer feedback and continuous training and assessment.